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Spring & fall clean up

No matter how light and easy or heavy duty your cleanup may be, Angel Landscaping has got you covered. This is not a simple trust exercise – feel free to fall back on Angel Landscaping for any and all of your spring or fall cleanup needs. We offer many services for both residential and commercial properties in this regard.

The spring is the start of a new planting season. And autumn is a season of many leaves. Do you need some new mulch? Do your best to prepare for your lawn for the new season. As the cold of winter leaves, all sorts of unpredictable weather can still ravage your landscapes. Along with routine lawn care, we can offer you more specialized services as well.

Weekly mowing

Angel Landscaping’s professional lawn service gives the best possible finish on your lawn. Leaving your lawn to us to take proper care of it will not only help soil to breathe, but will keep grasses greener and healthier. The Angel Landscaping’s mowing service includes weekly mowing and trimming of your lawn, and blowing off grass clippings from walkways, patios and drives on a scheduled day determined by Angel Landscaping.

Stump removal

Normally stumps may remain in place for a good while after a tree falls or is cut down. This can sometimes cause a tree to recover from the stump. Stumps, on the other hand, are only hideous nuisances. That’s why many property owners choose to get rid of their stumps before they again become an issue.

With the removal of the branch, the whole stump, including the tree bone, is gone. This is a complicated and difficult method, although it is often required. When a tree grows, the root ball develops with it, which means in some cases they can grow pretty big.

This is considered a tough task by most stump removal experts. There’s a big gap once it’s over where the tree was due to that root ball. If you want the space to look beautiful and prevent a tree from regrowing, stump grinding may be more fitting.


Even the best-looking lawn develops unhealthy thatch over a period of time. This is a brown layer that is found between the soil and the green grass. It is made up of dead, decaying organic matter like stems, runners and compressed roots which prevents roots from growing properly. Excessive thatch becomes a breeding ground for pests and diseases. Angel Landscaping´s dethatching service removes thick thatch layers built up between the soil and grass to help renew and maintain your lawn’s health. Our dethatching service includes a complete dethatching plus debris removal.

Weed pulling

Don’t worry about getting down on your hands and knees anymore to pull those unwanted weeds. With Angel Landscaping’s professional hand weeding service, we pull any weeds, roots and all, to help keep your landscaped beds looking more beautiful. Small garden tools, such as hoes, and spot spray, such as RoundUp, may be used to further ensure that weeds do not return.

Mulch installation

Angel Landscaping replenishes and prepares mulch beds around any landscaped areas. Benefits of mulch include: inhibiting weed germination and growth, holding in soil moisture, and moderating soil temperature fluctuations. Mulch can protect your plants’ and trees’ roots from summer heat or winter cold; plus as it breaks down, mulch adds nutrition to your lawn and garden. Angel Landscaping offers a variety of highly recommended mulch types.

Gutter cleaning

No need to clamber up the ladder yourself and clean the gutter! Angel Landscaping makes sure that hard-to-access gutter areas get unclogged and cleaned in order to allow precipitation to flow properly, preventing weed growth in your gutters, roof damage, and water damage in your home. Our service includes careful hand cleaning and hauling away of leaves, twigs, and debris out of the gutters of single story and two-story homes. Where possible, we also use our blowers on the downspouts to test for an open pathway for water to flow.

Sod installation

“Leave it to the pro” for patching small or large problem areas on your lawn with new turf. Angel Landscaping will install the appropriate turf grass using the best practices – from measuring and ordering your sod, to preparing the soil, installing the turf, plus making recommendations to you on proper maintenance of your fresh sod.


Achieving and maintaining a beautiful lawn is more than just performing weekly lawn mowing jobs. In order for grasses to grow thick, lush and green, aeration proves beneficial, especially during the spring and fall. Letting the soil breathe is very important. Aeration is a procedure which involves perforation of soil for root growth stimulation and improved water and nutrient penetration. Aeration also alleviates soil compaction, which allows better air circulation. There are times when buried debris gets in the way of the roots and must be given proper attention. Angel Landscaping’s aeration service stimulates root growth, enhances water uptake, reduces compaction, improves oxygen and improves nutrient availability.

Patios retaining

Our expert team designs and installs gorgeous walls and walkways in a wide variety of materials and styles. Some of our most popular walls include garden walls, timber walls, retaining walls, or stone walls. We decorate your walls to elevate the aesthetic of your yard and amplify your home’s market value. Garden walls also serve to hold back the soil and encourage healthy plant growth. Our team will help you select the best material, style, and layout for your home’s walkway.

Snow removal

Includes clearing of snow from drives and primary walkways. Salt application and the clearing of patios and other areas can be arranged. Choose between monthly or per time plowing.

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